The Library comprises the Main Building, opened in 1954 and the Research Library which is an extension to the

i    Main Building,

Opened in 1968. The Main Building has a basement, a ground floor and four other floors, occupied as follows:

  • Main Building
  • Basement
  • Toilets
  • Reprographic Offices and Studio
  • Ground Floor – East

ii   General Reading Room

Undergraduate reference collection; current issues of journals on display; latest issues of newspapers; general reading collection; recent accessions; University calendars and prospectuses. The General Reading Room is mainly for consultation of reference work and reading of current work, current journals and newspapers. It seats 68 readers.

iii. American Studies Collection Room

The former Reserved Book Room, which is entered through the General Reading Room, now houses the American Studies Collection. Kenneth Dike Library is privileged to be selected as one of the sixty Libraries worldwide to receive the American Studies Collection from the United States Government. The collection, which is designed expressly for University Libraries outside of the United States of America, is made up of authoritative reading materials intended to provide foreign students, teachers and scholars the opportunity of increasing their understanding of American life and institutions, past and present.  The collection is a Reference Collection.  Ibadan University is the only recipient of the collection in Nigeria.


Circulation Desk, Catalogue Hall, Exhibition Gallery.


East West L.C. Classmarks A-P Except Bliss Classmarks A-AJ, AL, CC, GN and L (Arts, Social DQ, DR, DT, I, K, L-O (except Sciences and Law) LA) (Arts, Social Sciences and   Law) –  It seats 223 readers


East West Bliss Classmarks P-T VV-YH Bliss Classmarks HJ-HL, J,  (Arts, Social Sciences  Language and Law) YI-YY (Education,     and Literature)                                                           L.C. Classmarks L, Z                                                 (Education and Library Science)           –   It seats 149 readers.


East West L. C. Classmarks CC, GN,                  University Librarian’s Office NQ, R, T, U, V (Science, Technology, Pre-Clinical Medicine, Nursing and  Pharmacy).   –  It seats 136 readers


East West Bliss Classmarks AK, AM-AZ, Maps and Prints Manuscripts B-H, LA, U, V-VUZ (Science,          Arabic Collection Technology, Pre-Clinical Medicine, Nursing and  Pharmacy, Agriculture, Forestry and Veterinary Medicine). L.C. Class marks S (Agriculture, Veterinary Medicine)   –   It seats 75 readers.

iv.   Research Library

This is open to Senior Staff, Research and Postgraduate students, and to other readers with special permission.  It has a basement and two other floors occupied as follows: BASEMENT            –       Bindery


Serials stack, rooms, Microfilm Reading area, General Office.


Reference stacks, Main reading area of Research Library, Control Desk, Reference Librarian’s Desk, Bibliographic Hall, Cataloguing Section, Computer Application Unit, Africana and Publications Ordinance Collections, Carrel rooms, theses and rare works collections, old newspapers, Government documents, Abstracts and Indexes Collection. 5.  The Library Collections The University Library contains approximately 700,000 volumes of books, and receives over 6,000 separate journals and other serials.  However, current acquisitions have declined significantly due to shortage of funds.  There are two main categories of collections:

The Main Collection

The Special Collection

The Main Collection

The main collection of books and pamphlets is located on open-access to readers in the upper floors of the main building, i.e. the first to fourth floors.  Journals are, however, shelved on the ground floor of the Research Library.

Special Collections

These are mostly research materials shelved in the Research Library and in other parts of the Library:

  1. Africana Collection
  2. Arabic Books and Manuscript Collection
  3. Government Publications
  4. Manuscript Collection
  5. Maps and Prints Collection
  6. Publications Ordinance Collection
  7. Rare Book Collection
  8. Theses Collection
  9. Staff Publications.

Materials from the Special Collections can be consulted on application at the Control Desk of the Research Library.