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Acquisition and Ordering

This section is under the collection development division of the library, and it's responsible for the acquisition of the various materials housed in the library. The services carried out are summarized below:           

  • Selection of useful materials (prints and non-prints) using various selection tools for purchase.
  • Ordering of selected materials via vendors and publishers .
  • Direct purchase from bookshops .
  • Acknowledging receipts of gifts and donations
  • Processing acquired and donated materials by stamping accessioning
  • Taking delivery of theses from PG school.
  • Accessioning, stamping and preparation of complementary list of theses.
  • Searching for bibliographic information of books to be purchased .
  • Data entry of list of books for purchase into the computer .
  • Carding to ease compilation of titles for purchase.

Testimonials & Clients

Our Library users has a story to tell, ranging from staff competence to satisfaction..

About us

Over the years, the collections of this Library have grown and still continue to grow to the extent that the aggregate holding of materials in the system is estimated well over One Million volumes..

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University of Ibadan.
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