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SAGE Journals

Autism & Developmental Language Impairments

Child Language Teaching and Therapy

Communication Disorders Quarterly

Discourse & Communication

Discourse & Society: An International Journal for the Study of Discourse and Communication in their Social, Political and Cultural Contexts

Discourse Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of Text and Talk

First Language

International Journal of Bilingualism

Journal of English Linguistics

Journal of Language and Social Psychology

Language and Linguistics

Language and Literature

Language and Speech

Language Teaching Research

Language Testing

Literature & History

RELC Journal: A Journal of Language Teaching and Research

Second Language Research

The Journal of Commonwealth Literature



Afrikanistik Online.


Annual Review of Education, Communication, and Language Sciences.

Annual of Urdu Studies (1981-1990).


Asian and African Languages and Linguistics.

Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies.

Bibliography of Semitic Linguistics : Aula Orientalis.


Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics.


CILLA Papers on Latin American Indigenous Languages.

Communication and Language at Work.

Computational Linguistics.

Concordia University Working Papers in Applied Linguistics.

Coyote Papers : Working Papers in Linguistics.

Dhaka University Journal of Linguistics.


Dotawo : A Journal of Nubian Studies.

English Languages : History, Diaspora, Culture.

Flinders University Languages Group Online Review.


Glossa : a journal of general linguistics.

Haskins Laboratories Status Report.

Himalayan Linguistics.

Indo-European Linguistics.


Intergrams : studies in languages and literatures.

International Multilingual Research Journal, The.

Internationale Neerlandistiek (Dutch and Afrikaans).

Isogloss : variation of Romance and Iberian languages.

Italian Journal of Linguistics.

Journal Celtic Language Learning.

Journal of the Communication, Speech & Theatre Assoc..

Journal of Greek Linguistics.

Journal of Home Language Research.

Journal of Language Evolution.

Journal of Linguistics and Language Teaching.

Journal of the Pali Text Society.

Journal of Portuguese Linguistics.

Journal of West African Languages.

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Kalbu Studijos / Studies about Languages.

Kansas Working Papers in Linguistics.

Khulyot : Journal of Yiddish Research.

L2 Journal.

Language and Literature.

Language in India.

Language Learning & Technology.

Language Research Bulletin.

Languages of the Caucasus.

LCMND e-Journal.

Legal Communication & Rhetoric.

Lingua Frankly.

Lingua Romana: ... French, Italian, and Romanian studies.

Linguistica Atlantica (Atlantic Canada).

Linguistica Atlantica (Atlantic Canada) (alt.).

Linguistics in Amsterdam.

Linguistic Issues in Language Technology.

Linguistik online.

Lund Working Papers in Linguistics.

Mathematical Linguistics.

Metaphorik (Study of metaphors).

Modern Language Review : Supplement.

Mother Tongue : ... Study of Language In Prehistory (1987-1996).

National Forensic Journal.

Nepalese Linguistics.

Open Linguistics.

OSLA : Oslo Studies in Language.

Novitas Royal : Youth and Language.

Ottowa Papers in Linguistics.

Outside the Box : Tsukuba Multi-Lingual Forum.

Poroi : ... Rhetorical Analysis and Invention.

Porta Linguarum.

Poznan Studies in Contemporary Linguistics.

Proceedings of the Linguistic Circle of Manitoba and North Dakota.

Regional Language Studies... Newfoundland.

Regional Language Studies... Newfoundland (alt. URL).

Russian Language Journal.

Scripta : international journal of writing systems.

Semantics & Pragmatics.

SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics.

Sino-Platonic Papers (East Asian Languages & Civilizations).

SKASE Journal of Theoretical Linguistics.

SKY : Journal of Lingistics.

Slavia Meridionalis (Slavics).


Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics.

Studies About Languages.

Studies in African Linguistics.

Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric.

Taal en Tongval : Language Variation in the Low Countries.

Teaching Classical Languages.

Tengwestie (Elvish linguistics).

Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics.

Turkic Languages.

UC Publications in Linguistics.

UCLA Occasional Papers in Linguistics.

University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics.

Uni .. Queensland Working Papers in Linguistics.

Utah Foreign Language Review.

Vanderbilt e-Journal of Luso-Hispanic Studies.

Verba Hispana.


Working Papers in Romance Languages.

York Papers in Linguistics.

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