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Towards the 10-year milestone of Journal of Biological Engineering

Introducing Journal of Biological Engineering

Grand challenges for biological engineering

Engineering education in the wake of hurricane Katrina

Secretion of polyhydroxybutyrate in Escherichia coli using a synthetic biological engineering approach

Application of denitrifying wood chip bioreactors for management of residential non-point sources of nitrogen

Biochar as an Exceptional Bioresource for Energy, Agronomy, Carbon Sequestration, Activated Carbon and Specialty Materials

Grape Winery Waste as Feedstock for Bioconversions: Applying the Biorefinery Concept

Biological approaches for addressing the grand challenge of providing access to clean drinking water

Addressing the Grand Challenge of atmospheric carbon dioxide: geologic sequestration vs. biological recycling

A BioBrick compatible strategy for genetic modification of plants

Antimicrobial activities of commercial nanoparticles against an environmental soil microbe, Pseudomonas putida KT2440

Optimization of Nutrient and Carbon Recovery from Anaerobic Digestate via Hydrothermal Carbonization and Investigation of the Influence of the Process Parameters

Fractionation of the rice bran layer and quantification of vitamin E, oryzanol, protein, and rice bran saccharide

Part B: Global Assessment for Organic Resources and Waste Management ORBIT2012

LED-Induced fluorescence and image analysis to detect stink bug damage in cotton bolls

A Methodology for Sustainable Management of Food Waste

Efficient extraction method to collect sugar from sweet sorghum

Rice Husk Ash as a Supplementary Raw Material for the Production of Cellulose–Cement Composites with Improved Performance

Review of Career Development in Bioengineering and Biotechnology by Guruprasad Madhavan, Barbara Oakley, and Luis Kun (editors), Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, 2008

Sustainable Management of Sewage Sludge for the Production of Organo-Mineral Fertilizers

Measuring variability in trophic status in the Lake Waco/Bosque River Watershed

Employing aromatic tuning to modulate output from two-component signaling circuits

Stink Bug Feeding Induces Fluorescence in Developing Cotton Bolls

Bioconversion of Baltic Seaweeds into Organic Compost

Hidden hysteresis – population dynamics can obscure gene network dynamics

The Possibility of Organo-Mineral Fertilizer Production from Sewage Sludge

Enhanced production of bacterial cellulose by using a biofilm reactor and its material property analysis

Waste Management and Symbiosis for Waste Valorization

Amplified insert assembly: an optimized approach to standard assembly of BioBrickTM genetic circuits

A survey of enabling technologies in synthetic biology

Treatment of saline municipal wastewater using hybrid growth system

The Effect of Low-Temperature Conversion of Plant Materials on the Chemical Composition and Ecotoxicity of Biochars

Detection and quantification of poliovirus infection using FTIR spectroscopy and cell culture

Algae-based biofilm productivity utilizing dairy wastewater: effects of temperature and organic carbon concentration

AMMONOX: Ammonia for Enhancing Biogas Yield and Reducing NOx—Analysis of Effects of Aqueous Ammonia Soaking on Manure Fibers

Valorisation of Proteins from Rubber Tree

Effect of the Addition of Biochar and Coffee Grounds on the Biological Properties and Ecotoxicity of Composts

A DNA-based pattern classifier with in vitro learning and associative recall for genomic characterization and biosensing without explicit sequence knowledge

Detection of extremely low concentration waterborne pathogen using a multiplexing self-referencing SERS microfluidic biosensor

Biological Treatment of Municipal Organic Waste using Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Amyloglucosidase enzymatic reactivity inside lipid vesicles

CE-UV/VIS and CE-MS for monitoring organic impurities during the downstream processing of fermentative-produced lactic acid from second-generation renewable feedstocks

Comparison of Ozonation and Evaporation as Treatment Methods of Recycled Water for Bioethanol Fermentation Process

Alternative Methods of Preparation of Soluble Keratin from Chicken Feathers

Role of reaction kinetics and mass transport in glucose sensing with nanopillar array electrodes

Polylactic acid composites incorporating casein functionalized cellulose nanowhiskers

Iron specificity of a biosensor based on fluorescent pyoverdin immobilized in sol-gel glass

Ability of Two Dam Fine-Grained Sediments to be Used in Cement Industry as Raw Material for Clinker Production and as Pozzolanic Additional Constituent of Portland-Composite Cement

Gold nanoparticle-labeled biosensor for rapid and sensitive detection of bacterial pathogens

The case for decoupling assembly and submission standards to maintain a more flexible registry of biological parts

Effects of Dielectrophoresis on Growth, Viability and Immuno-reactivity of Listeria monocytogenes

Valorization of Bones to Liquid Phosphorus Fertilizer by Microbial Solubilization

Large naturally-produced electric currents and voltage traverse damaged mammalian spinal cord

A positive feedback-based gene circuit to increase the production of a membrane protein

The Characteristics of Shredded Straw and Hay Biomass: Part 2—The Finest Particles

The role of casein in supporting the operation of surface bound kinesin

A modular positive feedback-based gene amplifier

Microtubule asters as templates for nanomaterials assembly

Polarized light based scheme to monitor column performance in a continuous foam fractionation column

The Characteristics of Shredded Straw and Hay Biomass—Part 1—Whole Mixture

A Comparison of the Pyrolysis of Olive Kernel Biomass in Fluidised and Fixed Bed Conditions

Potato Pulp as the Peroxidase Source for 2,4-Dichlorophenol Removal

Enzymatic Degradation of Pretreated Pig Bristles with Crude Keratinase of Bacillus cereus PCM 2849

A co-fermentation strategy to consume sugar mixtures effectively

Reusable, polyethylene glycol-structured microfluidic channel for particle immunoassays

Portable nuclear magnetic resonance biosensor and assay for a highly sensitive and rapid detection of foodborne bacteria in complex matrices

Backscattering particle immunoassays in wire-guide droplet manipulations

Shear- vs. nanotopography-guided control of growth of endothelial cells on RGD-nanoparticle-nanowell arrays

Future developments in biosensors for field-ready Zika virus diagnostics

Droplet centrifugation, droplet DNA extraction, and rapid droplet thermocycling for simpler and faster PCR assay using wire-guided manipulations

Chemometric Modelling of Experimental Data on Co-gasification of Bituminous Coal and Biomass to Hydrogen-Rich Gas




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