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Climate change mitigation effect of harvested wood products in regions of Japan.


Strain and bioprocess improvement of a thermophilic anaerobe for the production of ethanol from wood.


Production of (R)-3-hydroxybutyric acid by Burkholderiacepacia from wood extracthydrolysates.


Potential contributions of forestry and wood use to climate change mitigation in Japan.


Phylum XIII. Firmicutes Gibbons and Murray 1978, 5 (Firmacutes [sic] Gibbons and Murray 1978, 5)


Ethanol Production Using Corn, Switchgrass and Wood; Biodiesel Production Using Soybean.


Ethanol Production From Pretreated Olive Tree Wood and Sunflower Stalks by an SSF Process


Biomass Conversion


Demise of the Dogmatic Universe


Wood and Wood Products



From Wood Huts to Buildings of Seven Floors: An Analysis of the Process of Housing Production in the Slum of Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, over a Fifty-Year Period


Composite desiccant material “CaCl2/Vermiculite/Saw wood”: a new material for fresh water production from atmospheric air.


Organic Acid and Solvent Production


Life cycle impacts of ethanol production from spruce wood chips under high-gravity conditions


Study Cases of Enzymatic Processes


From coal to wood thermoelectric energy production: a review and discussion of potential socio-economic impacts with implications for Northwestern Ontario, Canada


Production of high concentrated cellulosic ethanol by acetone/water oxidized pretreated beech wood


Predicting the mechanical properties of date palm wood fibre-recycled low density polyethylene composite using artificial neural network.


At-line validation of a process analytical technology approach for quality control of melamine-urea-formaldehyde resin in composite wood-panel production using near infrared spectroscopy.



Romanian legal management rules limit wood production in Norway spruce and beech forests.


The Role of Reverse Logistics in Recycling of Wood Products.


Plants as Sources of Energy.


Energy wood from forests—stakeholder perceptions in five European countries.

Modification of Cellulose in Wood.


Wood Composite Adhesives.


The Brazilian wood biomass supply and utilization focusing on eucalypt.


Integration options for high energy efficiency and improved economics in a wood-to-ethanol process.


Large Wood and River Morphodynamics.


Bioengineering of Value-Added Wood Using the White Rot Fungus Physisporinusvitreus.


Flammability behaviour of wood and a review of the methods for its reduction.


Green Engineering-Integration of Green Chemistry, Pollution Prevention, and Risk-Based Considerations.


The effect of increasing lifespan and recycling rate on carbon storage in wood products from theoretical model to application for the European wood sector.


Semi-rational engineering of cellobiose dehydrogenase for improved hydrogen peroxide production.


Publisher of Books in Engineering and for Public Authorities (1877–1906).


Engineering Advantages, Challenges and Status of Grass Energy Crops.


Engineering E. coli Central Metabolism for Enhanced Primary Metabolite Production.


Wood–Plastic Composite Technology.


Carbon sequestration via wood burial.






Carbon Losses Due to Wood Harvesting and the Role of Wood Products.


Comparison of vermicompost characteristics produced from sewage sludge of wood and paper industry and household solid wastes.


Genome engineering of woody plants: past, present and future.


Woody Biomass and Purpose-Grown Trees as Feedstocks for Renewable Energy.


Integration of LCA in R&D by applying the concept of payback period: case study of a modified multilayer wood parquet.


Wood Gasification in a Lab-Scale Bubbling Fluidized Bed: Experiment and Simulation.


Biogenic Impact on Materials.

Application of denitrifying wood chip bioreactors for management of residential non-point sources of nitrogen.


Microwave Method for Increasing the Permeability of Wood and its Applications.


Review Of Recommendations For Forest Energy Harvesting And Wood Ash Recycling.


Land Use: Agriculture and Use of Wood.


Not Just Lumber—Using Wood in the Sustainable Future of Materials, Chemicals, and Fuels


Integrating ecological engineering and ecological intensification from management practices to ecosystem services into a generic framework: a review


Synthetic xylan-binding modules for mapping of pulp fibres and wood sections


Radial variation in selected wood properties of three cypress taxa


Microwave drying of wet processed wood fibre insulating boards


Wood Surface Stability


Organic Acid and Solvent Production: Acetic, Lactic, Gluconic, Succinic, and Polyhydroxyalkanoic Acids

Amur Region of Russia—Natural Resources, Population and Economy


Application of Disposable Bag Bioreactors in Tissue Engineering and for the Production of Therapeutic Agents



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