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Education of the Individual by Means of Art

Perceptions, Attitudes and Institutional Factors That Influence Academic Performance of Visual Arts Students in Ghana's Senior High School Core Curriculum Subjects

College Faculty Understanding of Hybrid Teaching Environments and Their Levels of Trainability by Departments


Interviewing as a Pedagogical Tool in Arts for Social Justice: A Case Study of an Afterschool Arts Program


Secondary Social Studies Teachers' Time Commitment When Addressing the Common Core State Standards


STEAM by Design


A Brush with Research: Teaching Grounded Theory in the Art and Design Classroom


Social Phenomenological Analysis as a Research Method in Art Education: Developing an Empirical Model for Understanding Gallery Talks


Art Education with Attitude


Applying Alternative Teaching Methods to Impart a Rounded, Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) Education: Students' Reflections on the Role of Magazines as Instructional Tools


Learning across Disciplines: A Collective Case Study of Two University Programs That Integrate the Arts with STEM


IS Design Pedagogy: A Special Ontology and Prospects for Curricula


Arts-Infused Learning in Middle Level Classrooms


An Interdisciplinary Approach to Art Appreciation


The Influence of Modern Adolescents' Vision of Life on Their Perception of Art

Teaching "Art as Social Justice:" Developing Prefigurative Pedagogies in the (Liberal) Art Studio

Multicultural Arts Education in the Post-Secondary Context?: Creating Installation and Performance Art in Surrey, Canada



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