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Uses of Technology in Lower Secondary Mathematics Education

Erratum to: Congratulatory Remarks: Minister of Education and Science, and Technology

Congratulatory Remarks: Minister of Education and Science, and Technology

Erratum to: English for Scientific Purposes (EScP): Technology, Trends, and Future Challenges for Science Education

Technology-enhanced stem (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education

Computer Science Education at Helsinki University of Technology: The First Ten Years (1968–1978)

Information and Communication Technology Education Based on the Russian State Educational Standard of “Applied Mathematics and Informatics”


Innovation, High Technology Sectors, Higher Education and Human Capital: Education System Reform in Georgia

Reviewing the relations between teachers’ knowledge and pupils’ attitude in the field of primary technology education

Geospatial Technologies and Geography Education in a Changing World

Technology-assisted education in graduate medical education: a review of the literature

Technology Education for the 21st Century in Australia?


Information Technology education and training initiatives — the Nigerian experience.

New Technology for Education: Moodle

Computer education and human capacity building for Information Technology in Namibia

Information Technology in Norwegian education — consistency of strategic initiatives for implementing IT in primary education

Analysing teacher knowledge for technology education in primary schools

Information Technology resources for education in developing countries

Standardization as emerging content in technology education at all levels of education

A Model For Designing and Evaluating Teacher Training Programs in Technology Education

Enhancing Technology Education by Forming Links with Industry: A New Zealand Case Study

Science Teacher Learning of MBL-Supported Student-Centered Science Education in the Context of Secondary Education in Tanzania

Information technology — a tool and an obstacle in the education of the future


The role of resources and technology in mathematics education

Computer Education’s Teaching-Learning Methods Using Educational Programming Language Based on STEAM Education

Preparing the stage for using emerging technologies in science education

New learning scenarios for the 21st century related to Education, Culture and Technology

Growth of Computing Technology for Education in India

Streaming technology — How does it affect education?


Challenges in Serious Gaming as Emerging Multimedia Technology for Education, Training, Sports and Health

The Pharmakon of Educational Technology: The Disruptive Power of Attention in Education


Preservice teacher education in Information Technology: a critical perspective

Digital Keywords: a Vocabulary of Technology and Education

IFIP Working Group 3.4: training and education of information technology professionals

New era and challenges for a consolidated journal in educational technology in higher education

Concepts and contexts in engineering and technology education: an international and interdisciplinary Delphi study

Education and technology: new learning environments from a transformative perspective

Students in higher education: Social and academic uses of digital technology

A Case Base Reasoning System on the Internet for Knowledge Sharing / Reusing on Information Technology Education

Abstracts from the 37th Annual Meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine

Technology and Computers in Music and Music Education

Development of Information Technology in Hong Kong education over the past decade

Realising Information Technology Benefits in the Health Sector — the Management Education Agenda

Developing technology competences among Egyptian college of education students


Information technology studies in higher business and management education in Finland


Maximizing the Potential of Information Technology for Management: Strategies for interfacing the Technical Core of Education


Abstracts from the 38th Annual Meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine

Ten years of information technology policy in Norwegian education


Humanitas Emptor: Reconsidering Recent Trends and Policy in Science Teacher Education

Forty Years of Computers and Education

Technology in transforming education

Innovations in multidisciplinary education in healthcare and technology

Evolution of Computer Science Education in the Purview of Free Education

Using Open Source Software for Improving Dialog in Computer Science Education – Case Mozambique University

For successful use of instructional technology in higher education we must…

Introduction to the Special Issue: Evaluating Assistive Technology in the Education of Persons with Severe Disabilities

Providing assistive technology training to a rural school of education through an in-direct service strategy

The effect of network technology on education

Education and Technology in Mexico and Latin America: Outlook and Challenges. Introduction

Education Management — Information Technology and School Autonomy

Educational Technology Network: A computer conferencing system dedicated to applications of computers in radiology practice, research, and education

Using Information Technology in Education to Manage a Professional Learning Community (PLC)

Technology in Medical Education—Osler Meets Watson

The future of technology and education: Where are we heading?

Nuclear Engineers for Society: What Education can do

A conceptual framework for integrated STEM education


Science education by way of the ‘ultimate electronic field trip’

Partial Distance-Learning Training for Information Technology Higher Education Trainers

Abstracts from the 2017 Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting

Information Technology and problem solving in mathematics education

Uses of Technology in Upper Secondary Mathematics Education

A Rational Approach to Bridging the Nuclear Technology Usage and Nuclear Education Gap

Information and communication technology in education: Desires, promises, and obstacles

A review of American pharmacy: education, training, technology, and practice

The Technology Imperative in Education

Analysis of the use of social media in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) using the Technology Acceptance Model

A nested virtualization tool for information technology practical education

Fortec's efforts to support mainstream education through research and technology development

Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) Education and Public Outreach Program

Uses of Technology in Lower Secondary Mathematics Education

Technology and Teacher Education: A Brief Glimpse of the Research and Practice that Have Shaped the Field


An emancipation framework for technology education teachers: an action research study

Visions About Mobile Technologies in Elementary Education

Distance education: Has technology become a threat to the academy?

Instructional Scaffolding in STEM Education

Value Chain of Technology in Higher Education Institutions: From IT Resources to Technological Performance

Assistive technology in us higher education: The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater experience

Simulation Technology for Skills Training and Competency Assessment in Medical Education

A virtual computer lab for distance biomedical technology education

Blended learning supported by digital technology and competency-based medical education: a case study of the social medicine course at the Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

Information Technology for Education Management and Open Source Software

Nanocommunication design in graduate-level education and research training programs at Osaka University

Investment in Information and Communication Technologies in the Irish Education Sector


Information Technology Incident Management: A Case Study of the University of Oviedo and the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education

Students as co-creators of technology-rich learning activities in higher education

Examples and advantages of Continuous Education by means of Videoconference Technologies

Minutes of The 43rd General Assembly of The European Association for The Study of Diabetes

Teaching science through designing technology

Geospatial Technology in Geography Education

Development and Application of Tennis Match Video Retrieval Technology in Multimedia Education

Information and Communication Technology in Higher Education

Equity-oriented toolkit for health technology assessment and knowledge translation: application to scaling up of training and education for health workers

Science education reform in confucian learning cultures: policymakers’ perspectives on policy and practice in Taiwan

Educational initiative of Osaka University in sustainability science: mobilizing science and technology towards sustainability

Integration of informatics into education

Presented Abstracts from the Thirty Fifth Annual Education Conference of the National Society of Genetic Counselors (Seattle, WA, September 2016)

Scientific and Technological Education in Brazil: Advancements and Challenges for the 21st Century

TMS Leaders Discuss Materials Education in the U.K.; Oral History Project on Mining and Materials

Proceedings of the 3rd IPLeiria’s International Health Congress

Case Study 2: The TIGER Initiative Foundation – Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform

Linking the ‘know-that’ and ‘know-how’ knowledge through games: a quest to evolve the future for science and engineering education

Technology-Intensified Diabetes Education Study (TIDES) in African Americans with type 2 diabetes: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial


Computer science (CS) in the compulsory education curriculum: Implications for future research

NASA Education and Educational Technologies Exemplified by the Space Weather Action Center Program

Attitudes, Beliefs, Motivation and Identity in Mathematics Education

Work Integrated Learning in Information Technology Education

Abstracts from the 36th Annual Meeting of the Society of General Internal Medicine

Reflections on the History of Computer Education in Schools in Victoria


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