• The normal loan period is 14 days. Teaching and research staff and research students with special reasons for doing so may request longer periods but all books must be returned before the end of the academic year in which they are borrowed. Staff are requested to state clearly the length of loan required if they desire more than the normal fortnight.
  • Visiting research students, fellows and occasional students who are in the University for less than one academic year are accorded reference privileges only, i.e. borrowing facilities are not extended to them.
  • A loan may be renewed on application for one further period of a fortnight as long as no one else wants it. After that, it must be returned.
  • For undergraduate students, the maximum number of books permitted for a loan period of two weeks is only four.
  • Only two books may be borrowed by any one reader for the long vacation for which application must be made to the University Librarian.
  • Only the senior staff is allowed to borrow 2 bound volumes of journals at a time for a maximum period of two weeks.
  • Failure to return on demand an overdue book or journal will result in suspension of borrowing privileges.
  • Fines at the rate of fifty kobo per day must be paid for each day a book is overdue. Books lost or damaged should be reported immediately and paid for at the estimated cost of replacement. Cases of stealing, mutilation or defacing of materials are regarded as serious offences and the offenders are dealt with very severely.
    The University Librarian reserves the right to suspend or withdraw all Library privileges from persons who contravene these regulations, and to report such cases to the appropriate University authorities for further disciplinary action.