All readers must be registered before they can make use of the Library.  Registration is valid for the current academic year only and must be renewed thereafter.  Every registered reader is issued with Reader’s Tickets, which s/he is required to bring along whenever s/he comes to use the Library. Readers’ tickets are not transferable and they must be presented, on demand, to any member of the Library staff.

All readers must fill-in registration cards, renewable each session, before making use of the Library. This is the only formality for members of the University, i.e. senior staff and students and for senior staff of the University College Hospital.Persons who wish to make regular use of the Library and who are not eligible under the clause above, must make personal application to the University Librarian for permission. Demands on Library facilities from within the University make it increasingly necessary to grant this only in exceptional cases.  The claims of scholarship and research will be given first consideration.

Registration is valid for the current academic year only and must be renewed thereafter.



You need the following:

  • Letter of Admission or Authority to Pay OR  School Fees Receipt
  • Two coloured passport photographs


Online/virtual registration: Circulation desk

  • Goto
  • (if within the library, connect to  the library wifi – i.e. kdlwireless or circulationAP)
    Type on your browser
  • Fill the form
  • Upload your picture then Save
  • Go to Circulation Desk and present your MATRIC NUMBER
  • Get verified